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Us LIDL Ladies have recently started to take turns publishing a traveling roundup, on each of our blogs, documenting all the awesomeness that we’re up to, and now it’s my turn to post :-) So here are a few updates from some of the ladies that always make me look forward to Mondays Morning!!!

Amelia is gearing up for the holidays!  Visit GoGo Craft at Bazaar Bizaare San Francisco on Sunday, December 4th from 12-5pm for a Create Your Own Avatar Workshop. 

And at Teahouse Art Fair on Sat, December 10th will feature GoGo Craft’s Upcycled Fingerless Gloves Workshop from 12-3pm. 

More details here!!


Stef has been here and there, getting cozy and taking beautiful pictures along the way!!

you can see her work here.


Willo (aka WilloToons) has been enjoying speaking at various events around the country, and is loving working with her consulting clients.

“I feel like I’m so in alignment with the work I want to do: Empowering small business owners and creative entrepreneurs to grow their business with ease and grace.” With a decade of experience under her belt, Willo has been offering Marketing and Social Strategy to small business and startups, and it’s been inspiring to see her so happy doing what she loves, and what comes so naturally to her. It’s what she calls “the sweet spot” – indeed! A few of Willo’s fabulous clients right now include: feistyelle, Studiopatró and Stitch Labs.


Steph has been busy taking care and has been contemplating bigger things like writing that book she’s always wanted to write.

She is more than just the girl that makes crocheted toys for a living. GO Steph GO!!

  1. I'd love to go there at the Teahouse Holiday Art Fair! I've already marked the date in my planner. Is the exhibit open to all or do I have to register to be counted?

  2. Having a traveling roundup sounds interesting. I'm blown away by Stef's photos. Nice post. :)

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