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Laura and I were neighbors at Surtex this year and it was a joy to be next to her. She has a rich background of working as an Art Consultant, Art Teacher, and Art Director. Laura first became interested in textile design when she started freelance designing wedding invitations and one year later, she launched her company.

Here is Laura Dro’s Story ::

LD: I am still so new and have so much to learn about this business. So, as a first time exhibitor at Surtex this past year, Cindy Ann was my neighbor and I was so lucky to be in the position to meet her and the other girls in our nook! Everyone was so nice and it was an experience I will never regret. I dove right into the art licensing world, I guess you could say that Surtex was my debut!

LD: Unique color palettes are what inspire me and are what motivate me to start something. I love fresh, vibrant and unique color palettes with simple, but artistic designs. 


LD: My main process is first sketching until I discover something that excites me. Next, depending on the feel of the sketch, I will either use watercolors to recreate it or scan the sketch into Illustrator or Photoshop. 


LD: My paintings usually come from having several pages of good sketches that I try to combine into one. I try to use similar elements through out my artwork to make it cohesive. I go through so many sketchbooks and I wouldn’t dare throw them away! I’m also an avid “clipper” of pictures from home design magazines; they always have color schemes that are so creative.

LD: I have several exciting opportunities that are developing from my contacts I met at Surtex. I can’t wait until it’s all official and I can spread the word about my new products. For all the artists out there thinking of getting involved in licensing, my advice is be patient, have several other jobs on the side, and keep creating, it will pay off eventually!

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