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I met Caroline for the first time in-person at this year’s Surtex show. We had chatted on the phone prior to the show and I was thrilled to find out that we were in the same row and were booth neighbors. Caroline is one of the sweetest ladies you’ll ever meet, and I was so glad that I had a chance to hang with her while we were in New York AND again in Atlanta.

Caroline started her career teaching elementary school, and then transitioned into running her own decorative painting business. This extremely talented lady was hand-painting everything from children’s furniture to baby linens and lamps. Her business was booming, but the demands for keeping up with continually creating custom work was just too difficult. It was just about this time, that she was struggling to find a unique birth announcement for her soon-to-be-born twin girls. And from those experiences grew a collection of inspirational greeting cards and gifts. She’s been licensing her art ever since.

Caroline is best known for her colorful, inspiring and uplifting art. Her distinctive style and passion for her family and faith truly comes across in all that she creates. It’s a great reminder, to all of us, to do what you love and follow your passion.

Her brand Multiple Blessings by Caroline Simas is really starting to be recognized in the marketplace. AND in January 2012 she will be launching over 50 skus of inspirational gifts for DEMDACO AND in June 2012 she’ll be launching a variety of home decor goods and furniture for Creative Co-Op. YAY, Caroline!!!!!

Keep your eyes out ’cause you’re going to be seeing this ladies work EVERYWHERE!! :-)


Here is Caroline Simas Sketchbook Story ::

CS: I was blessed to inherit my grandfather’s artistic talent and knew it from a very young age. I dabbled in everything I could get my hands on…watercolors, oil, acrylic, charcoal, clay, jewelry making, cartooning classes, and I even remember searching through Mom’s fabric scraps trying to create clever outfits for my Barbies.


CS: Our two sons and twin daughters were the inspiration behind the name Multiple Blessings. And because the greeting cards and gifts contained scripture and messages of inspiration, joy and blessings were multiplied as they were sent all over the country.

CS: I am most inspired by God’s creation. I notice details in nature’s smallest places…water droplets on flower petals, the color palette of a sunset, the chartreuse green of a granny smith apple, the intricate pattern on a monarch butterfly.

CS: I don’t have one specific process. Sometimes I sketch and plan ahead and sometimes I don’t.  I use watercolors, gouache, acrylic, pen and ink, watercolor pencils, paper, and even twigs and lichen. I am constantly trying new ways of creating art…to me that’s one of the best parts about being an artist..the freedom to explore and create without boundaries. I also create mixed media pieces. These originals are sold at local galleries here in Charlotte but they are also for clients who use the designs on other products. Double exciting!

CS: My 7 year old girls trying to sketch like me…. :)

CS: My fabric collections for Robert Kaufman “Finally Free.”  (You can find out why I named it that here.)

CS: Some of my products :-)

CS: And some of my designs for Skinit . New ones with scripture coming out in the 4th quarter of 2011.


 Here’s where you can find Caroline Simas ::

   website ::

        blog ::  

      fabric ::  Robert Kaufman and here

  coasters :: Coasterstone

 tumblers :: Tervis

    invites :: Tiny Prints

      skins :: Skinnit

  1. Thank you sweet one for featuring me here on your fabulous and popular Sketchbook Stories! So kind of you! xo Caroline

  2. I love Caroline's work! Congrats on the fabric collection too, it's so great!!!!

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