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Andy is an illustrator based in the UK. He also sometimes goes by ARD (those are his initials). Andy has a great sense for interpreting natural forms into very appealing graphic shapes And I just absolutely love the way he sometimes incorporates type and lettering into his illustrations. Andy’s worked for clients around the world including the BBC, The Guardian, The Independent on Sunday, Charlesbridge Publishing, The Reader’s Digest Magazine and Vodafone. His first children’s book ‘Truck Stuck’ has won a number of awards and has even been published in South Korea!


Here is Andy’s Sketchbook Story::


ARD: Travel is a very important aspect of my life and my artwork. I use my sketchbook and camera to capture interesting compositions, colour and people.

ARD: Sometimes I use my drawings as a direct plan for the digital artwork like this Little Brewster project.

ARD: Other times I take aspects of different drawings and arrange them in a less literal composition like this Nepal project I did.

ARD: Nearly all my projects go via a digital and mark making process, as I like how I am able to constantly revisit and change elements of the work.


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