share out :: matchbook & blair

Have you guys checked out this online rag yet? I just recently ran across it for the first time and fell in love. AND to my surprise, as I was flipping thru the pages I came across this article about Blair Eadie!

See the funny thing is, I actually know Blair. Ok, Ok, I don’t really know her personally, but we did worked together…well at the same company and I definitely KNEW OF HER. I mean, how could you NOT notice this lady? She’s always dressed to the 9′s in a sea of casual wear. Now, that’s not to say that there aren’t some some super stylish ladies working at Old Navy, there are, but none of this caliber.

I would see Blair all dressed up on the morning train, in the café, on the elevator. And at lunch we would sometimes get a glimpse of her posing for her daily photoshoot.

She’s a super stylish and confident lady that’s going places. You gotta totally admire that!

Happy Friday :-)

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