on my desk :: What I’ve been up to lately

A few things that I have on my desk these days. Books Birds, and Handmade Patterns.

Some books that I I’ve been flipping through lately. Mainly all about folk art. For the past few years I’ve been really enamored by it. I like the simplification of forms, the almost childlike drawings, the symbolism and the way the art was integrated into everyday life, both in objects and family documents. 

I’ve been drawing a lot of birds for a recent assignment and I’m rather fond of the way these are turning out.

The funny thing is, that am actually deathly afraid of birds, AND I have a crazy scary fear of Pigeons. They make me jump and wince if they start coming too near.  On two separate occasions now, I’ve been dive-bombed by a bird that has plucked out my hair. So, I’m fearful for good reason (well sort of).

And I’ve been experimenting with making stamps and creating patterns. I really rather like the way these turned out. You might even see one or two of these wind up as background to a new piece of art.

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