I’m in for round 3!! Surtex 2012:-)

I just sent off my 1st check. I’m in for round 3!! :-) Surtex 2012!! 

I was a bit unsure if i wanted to do it again. I mean it’s a really BIG expense, takes a ton of energy and time and the preparation is a huge undertaking. It has payoff, but even still, I was debating if there was another way to market and get my work “out there”. Is there another way for manufactures to see and view my work that’s a bit more affordable and still get me the same results?

And then a funny thing happen, that helped me answer my own question. As I was playing out all of the possible scenario in my head, I was contacted by someone asking if I would be likely to pay to be part of a “online art licensing trade show”. What they described, sounded like your typical illustrator portfolio site. The only difference being that it would be geared toward art licensing. So would I be interested in joining and paying for something like that? I would interested, but then I found myself writing this:


The shows are very expensive, but the best part about them is that I actually get to meet people in person. I get that face to face time with clients and they can touch and feel my products. There is a very visceral and tactile experience that effects all 4 senses that doesn’t come across in the same when online. Honestly, I don’t  think an online gallery can actually replace the experience of meeting someone in person at a show, but I would definitely welcome another way to market.

It was after writing that email that I signed my contract and committed for another year :-)

  1. I am so glad you decided to show again! Your booth was amazing this year, I know it will all pay off for you. Your work is amazing!

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