ABC’s & 1 2 3′s


Kindergarten is no longer ABC’s & 1 2 3′s. I honestly had no idea how fast pace is was going to be or how quickly they were going to blow through the basics.

Last week was a tough week. I was unprepared for how intense Kindergarten was going to be. We had a rude awakening when we attended the open house and got the rundown of the years curriculum. Ava Blu’s a smart kiddo, but how can she keep up if she was never taught this stuff.

You see, we didn’t send Ava Blu to a traditional pre-school. She was in a at-home daycare. At the time I thought it was the best decision. The hours worked best with my schedule, it was reasonably affordable, and I liked the lady that was running the program. Ava Blu was comfortable there and so was I, but maybe a bit too comfortable. It was simply easier for me to keep her there, then it was for me to coordinate the juggling act that would have had to occur if we had put her in a pre-school. I had somehow convinced myself that her daycare was covering all the basic pre-schooler stuff anyway, so she would be fine. I mean it was just kindergarten.

Well, I was wrong, and last week I was feeling like a terrible mom. I should have prepared her more. I should have put her in a pre-school program. I should have done more. I should of know better and trusted my gut. I broke down into tears more then a couple of times. I was (and still am) feeling really guilty that I didn’t prepare Ava Blu for such an academic first year of school.

But now that the weekend has passed and I’ve had sometime to sit with it, I’m better. I accept where we are at this moment and know we can only move forward and start from where we stand today. I’m so grateful that I am now working for myself and have more flexibility then I ever had. I can easily pick her up before 6pm and spend the extra time that will be necessary to get her up to speed with the rest of her class. I guess there’s always a silver lining :-)

  1. Just thought you could use a little encouragement. School is very intense now and it feels like everything has moved up a full grade. I assure you she will catch up, and quickly! I had my own "terrible mother" moment a few weeks ago. I started my seven year old in her first gymnastics class. There was no beginner class, just age and she was just thrown right in. She wanted to know why I had waited so long to start her, why she didn't start at two like all the other kids. I felt awful, we were both in tears on the way home but here we are four weeks later and she is having a blast. I'm sure we will both be having many terrible mother moments but then there are all the wonderful mommy moments that you share too. Still trying to balance working, starting a new career, being a mom and a wife, luckily we are all allowed to be works in progress.

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