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I fell in love with Caitlin’s ladies the minute I saw them. They have a 50′s throwback feel with a modern edge. So simple, yet very refined. Can you believe that such a young artist is creating such amazing and sophisticated work. I can definitely tell you that When I was in my twenties I didn’t have it as together as Caitlin does.

Here is Caitlin’s Sketchbook Story :: 

CS: I’ve just turned 22 and have been working as an illustrator for about three years now. I’ve been obsessed with drawing and painting since about age 16 (and always enjoyed it as a child) and so it seemed a natural path to take after graduating high school and dropping out of art school. I’m currently living in Sydney, Australia and I enjoy watching my work evolve as my life changes and as I learn more about who I am. 

CS: I work primarily in watercolors and lead pencil and like to create a delicate world of my own – Vicariously living through my art is something I have a tendency to do and I like to think that i’ve built up a little neighborhood of people who will always be able to keep me company. I’m obsessed with 1950′s dresses, ferragamo shoes, the golden age of hollywood, autobiographies, David Lynch, Mulder and Scully, Muesli, Fred Astaire, cats, bed, gin and dancing. My plans for the future are to find a home and be a domestic goddess like Nigella Lawson. Oh, and to have some picture books published! And work as a textile designer too. CS: This piece is entitled “How does your garden grow” and was created in April 2011 for an exhibition called “This Little Teapot” Held at Paper Plane gallery, Rozelle, Sydney. I had recently bought a huge bag of pressed flowers and was dying to put them to good use, so this is why it’s a bit different to my usual watercolor works – I don’t usually do much collage but change is necessary.

CS: I guess this one turned into a self portrait and was created during a time of solitude when living at my parents house on the coast. I wanted to get to know myself but that’s entirely difficult when living far away from the world and I think that’s what was bugging me when I made this work. Things like that seem to seep into my work and then it’s only in retrospect that I can figure it all out.

CS: I also made an accompanying artwork that was exhibited next to this piece, and that one was called “The Gardener”- also incorporating a cut out silhouette and pressed flowers. I kinda hope that the rosebuds don’t end up deteriorating! I covered them with varnish, so fingers crossed they don’t go stale!

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