Sketchbook Stories :: 2 more spots open for 2011

Holly Smokes!!

I’m pretty much booked out thru the new year. I have 2 more Sketchbook Story spots open for 2011!! Crazy right!! So if you want to be featured or want to recommend someone for the last 2 remaining spots drop me a line. :-)

UPDATE on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 at 2:10PM: 

How do I pick the artists I feature? Well they need to have at least two out of the three of these.

  • I absolutely love your work
  • I know and like you :-)
  • I  find what you’re doing in someway inspiring

There’s no elitism here. I want a wide variety of artist & illustrators, from the well known to the not yet discovered. Sharing different areas of specialty– Traditional editorial illustration to picture book, surface design, art licensing and even type design (hopefully soon).

There’s lots of ways to work and lots of different disciplines. I think it’s fun and inspiring to see how other folks work even if it isn’t in my niche. There’s something to be learned from everyone, don’t you think!?

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