growing up

I thought I’d share with you what  I’ve been up to lately. Growth Charts!! All pretty girlie of course :-) I luv the idea of having a record of your growth, or in this case your child’s growth. I’ve got a few ideas for a couple of more designs that I’m hoping to be able to bang out in the next week or so. What do you think? Would you hang one of these in your daughter’s room?

  1. dawn

    Nice work, buddy. I like the birdhouse! Ever think of doing dog stuff? Like place mats, kerchiefs and collars? Even blankets and dog beds!

  2. Erin Lancaster

    Cindy ~ I love them! Yes, I would absolutely hang one in Emma's room. I love the castle, the beehives, and the princess and the pea bed. Let us know if you are producing these because I'd love to buy one for Emma and a couple of her little people. Love-love to you and your sweet fam!
    xoxoxoxo EL

  3. Jean Porter

    Hi Cindy,
    I LOVE the growth charts!! I don't know which one to choose, they are all so cute. I would love to order one…how do I get one?

    Jean Porter (Tufano)

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