dip dyed

I go through phases with my hair. I’ve had it long. I’ve had it short. I’ve done the pixie cut, the bob and there was even a time when I went asymmetrical. Then eventually, I get tired of the cut and upkeep and decide to just grow it out. And with out fail, when it’s at it’s longest I start to get the itch that I want to try something new again.

Well, I have the itch… and recently I’ve been totally obsessed with this dip-dyed hair trend. The bleaching might totally destroy my hair but it looks really cool and hey if I hate it I can just cut it off and go with a shorter do.

What do you think can I pull it off?

  1. Go For it, new hair is fun and inspiring! Just be careful or Ava Blu will want to get it done too. :)

  2. totally! do it!! what colors are you leaning towards?

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