a late night soak under a full moon

photos by David Jonas & Michael Rymer

A friend of mine had mentioned  going to Esalen a while back and it sounded amazing. Well let me tell you it is!! On an impromptu long weekend down to Carmel & Asilomar we decided to see if we could get a reservation to soak in the hot springs.

It took an insane number of trys calling before we actually were able to get through and get a reservation. You see they only open 20 spots from 1-3am AND you can only book the day of no advance reservations.

So after we actually had our spot booked…my thoughts went straight to bathing suit or al’natural? Did I have the nerve to soak in the buff?! I must admit I had some anxiety over it. Strangely more about people seeing my tattoo then actually seeing me nude. In the end I left the suit at the hotel (so there would be no way I could chicken out) and I enjoyed an absolutely amazing evening!! It’s just one of those experiences you need to check off your “life list” especally if you live in the bay area!!

I’d love to go again and maybe stay and take a workshop or two.

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