running a bit behind the 8 ball

With school just starting, I’m running a bit behind the 8 ball this week. And to be honest it’s looking like I’m not going to get much work done…well not until we get Ava Blu gets into a routine, including an after school program. She gets out of class at 2:15 and on Wednesdays they have early dismissal. As if 2:15 wasn’t early enough!!

We’re waiting for things to shake out a little bit more and my fingers are crossed that she’ll be able to get into the rec center after school program. It’s the same place where she went to camp this summer and right now we’re on the wait list :( We do have a plan B, but we can’t wait too long to make that decision. I would hate for it to fill up too.

And then there’s also coordinating Spanish Class, TheaterLab, Gymnastics. This is all new to us. And ALL this coordinating is a bit overwhelming and quite frankly a lot of work!!


For homework this week Ava Blu needed to learn how to tie her shoes. Now I know how to tie shoes, but how do I teach it!? It’s become so second nature that I don’t even think about it when I’m doing it. All I can say is Thank-goodness for the internet and youtube!!! I did a little search and it turned up this really COOL and super EASY way to do it.

So we both learned how to do it at the same time!! She totally got a kick out of that :-)


ahhh…I can’t believe it!!

ahhh…I can’t believe it!!! My little girl, isn’t little anymore. I now officially have a kindergartner!!! I swear I was having more anxiety around this day then she was. Ava Blu was all giggles and smiles as she lined up and headed off to her new classroom for her first day of school. She picked out her own outfit and accessories the night before, so she would be ready to go in the morning. So, so incredibly cute. I’m so glad she had a great start to the begining of the new school year.

dip dyed

I go through phases with my hair. I’ve had it long. I’ve had it short. I’ve done the pixie cut, the bob and there was even a time when I went asymmetrical. Then eventually, I get tired of the cut and upkeep and decide to just grow it out. And with out fail, when it’s at it’s longest I start to get the itch that I want to try something new again.

Well, I have the itch… and recently I’ve been totally obsessed with this dip-dyed hair trend. The bleaching might totally destroy my hair but it looks really cool and hey if I hate it I can just cut it off and go with a shorter do.

What do you think can I pull it off?

Sketchbook Stories :: Caitlin Shearer

I fell in love with Caitlin’s ladies the minute I saw them. They have a 50′s throwback feel with a modern edge. So simple, yet very refined. Can you believe that such a young artist is creating such amazing and sophisticated work. I can definitely tell you that When I was in my twenties I didn’t have it as together as Caitlin does.

Here is Caitlin’s Sketchbook Story :: 

CS: I’ve just turned 22 and have been working as an illustrator for about three years now. I’ve been obsessed with drawing and painting since about age 16 (and always enjoyed it as a child) and so it seemed a natural path to take after graduating high school and dropping out of art school. I’m currently living in Sydney, Australia and I enjoy watching my work evolve as my life changes and as I learn more about who I am. 

CS: I work primarily in watercolors and lead pencil and like to create a delicate world of my own – Vicariously living through my art is something I have a tendency to do and I like to think that i’ve built up a little neighborhood of people who will always be able to keep me company. I’m obsessed with 1950′s dresses, ferragamo shoes, the golden age of hollywood, autobiographies, David Lynch, Mulder and Scully, Muesli, Fred Astaire, cats, bed, gin and dancing. My plans for the future are to find a home and be a domestic goddess like Nigella Lawson. Oh, and to have some picture books published! And work as a textile designer too. CS: This piece is entitled “How does your garden grow” and was created in April 2011 for an exhibition called “This Little Teapot” Held at Paper Plane gallery, Rozelle, Sydney. I had recently bought a huge bag of pressed flowers and was dying to put them to good use, so this is why it’s a bit different to my usual watercolor works – I don’t usually do much collage but change is necessary.

CS: I guess this one turned into a self portrait and was created during a time of solitude when living at my parents house on the coast. I wanted to get to know myself but that’s entirely difficult when living far away from the world and I think that’s what was bugging me when I made this work. Things like that seem to seep into my work and then it’s only in retrospect that I can figure it all out.

CS: I also made an accompanying artwork that was exhibited next to this piece, and that one was called “The Gardener”- also incorporating a cut out silhouette and pressed flowers. I kinda hope that the rosebuds don’t end up deteriorating! I covered them with varnish, so fingers crossed they don’t go stale!

 Here’s where you can find Caitlin Shearer ::

   website ::

   Etsy ::

a late night soak under a full moon

photos by David Jonas & Michael Rymer

A friend of mine had mentioned  going to Esalen a while back and it sounded amazing. Well let me tell you it is!! On an impromptu long weekend down to Carmel & Asilomar we decided to see if we could get a reservation to soak in the hot springs.

It took an insane number of trys calling before we actually were able to get through and get a reservation. You see they only open 20 spots from 1-3am AND you can only book the day of no advance reservations.

So after we actually had our spot booked…my thoughts went straight to bathing suit or al’natural? Did I have the nerve to soak in the buff?! I must admit I had some anxiety over it. Strangely more about people seeing my tattoo then actually seeing me nude. In the end I left the suit at the hotel (so there would be no way I could chicken out) and I enjoyed an absolutely amazing evening!! It’s just one of those experiences you need to check off your “life list” especally if you live in the bay area!!

I’d love to go again and maybe stay and take a workshop or two.

Sketchbook Stories :: 2 more spots open for 2011

Holly Smokes!!

I’m pretty much booked out thru the new year. I have 2 more Sketchbook Story spots open for 2011!! Crazy right!! So if you want to be featured or want to recommend someone for the last 2 remaining spots drop me a line. :-)

UPDATE on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 at 2:10PM: 

How do I pick the artists I feature? Well they need to have at least two out of the three of these.

  • I absolutely love your work
  • I know and like you :-)
  • I  find what you’re doing in someway inspiring

There’s no elitism here. I want a wide variety of artist & illustrators, from the well known to the not yet discovered. Sharing different areas of specialty– Traditional editorial illustration to picture book, surface design, art licensing and even type design (hopefully soon).

There’s lots of ways to work and lots of different disciplines. I think it’s fun and inspiring to see how other folks work even if it isn’t in my niche. There’s something to be learned from everyone, don’t you think!?

growing up

I thought I’d share with you what  I’ve been up to lately. Growth Charts!! All pretty girlie of course :-) I luv the idea of having a record of your growth, or in this case your child’s growth. I’ve got a few ideas for a couple of more designs that I’m hoping to be able to bang out in the next week or so. What do you think? Would you hang one of these in your daughter’s room?

nomadic gypsies

I stumbled on this post over at one of my fav fashion blogs that I like to troll. It was a post talking about Iain McKell new book The New Gypsies. And I totally fell in love. ♥ ♥ ♥

So, of course I had to looks some more. As I was browsing thru Iain’s site I realized that actually have a few of his photos with kate pinned on a moodboard I created a few months back. How serendipitous is that?

This bohemian nomadic theme has been haunting me for the last 6 months, sneaking up and seeping in to my daily life. At some point I’m gonna need to act on this inspiration…and I just might need to buy this book.  

all photos by Iain McKell