Sketchbook Stories :: 4th of July Sparklers

For this weeks Sketchbook Story we’re going to give you some sparkling highlights, since it is the 4th of July and everyone should take a vacations every once in a while. Holly, one of my new interns, has pulled together her a list of some of her favoriotes. So enjoy!!


1. Kathy Weller - Love her whimsy take on animals. Her drawings dance with life and fun.



2. Lianne & Paul Swirley Designs – I have followed their blog for over a year. Their sketchbook is a gorgeous piece of art in itself.

3. Heather Davulcu – Very cool wall mural ideas. LOVE her fox. 


4. Kate Pitner – I like her technique. Looks like colored pencils in layers of color.


5. Nate Williams – The simplicity of his art and where he is color blind and uses such pop of color that just grabs you and pulls you into his story just amazes me that that is instinct. 

  1. Thanks Holly for picking Swirly Designs for one of your favorite sketchbook story:)

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