Hangin’ Jill Turney from Klutz

Jill is an amazingly talented Art Director and friend. We’ve had ‘craft dates’ with the kiddos and she’s done my handmade holiday ornament exchange just about every year I’ve hosted it. So, it was great to see her and grab lunch last Friday just before the holiday weekend.

While I was visiting she let me snap a few pictures of their super cool office. If I were every to go back to working at a “job job” this is the type of place I’d want to work at. They just look like they really enjoy what they do and are having sooooo much fun doing it.

There walls and offices are covered with all this amazing stuff, like flip flops people have mailed in to them. Who knew the the US Postal Service would let you actually stamp and send a flip flop thru the mail.

Their library and craft room is to die for. It’s neatly organized and chock-full of craft supplies and stuff. You couldn’t help but be creative sitting there.

…and the piece de resistance is the bathrooms. All of which have a different theme and are hand painted and designed by staff members.

Jill – thanks so much for meeting up and letting me take a few pictures. We definitely need to do it more often :-)

  1. Thanks for sharing. That place looks like so much fun to work at. I'd love to work there too!!!

  2. Jill Turney

    Thanks for your nice words, Cindy! I didn't see your post til just now. Your photos turned out great!

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