Now that I’ve shared with you some of my enormously BIG dreams, do I have a plan to get myself there? I do, it’s not completely set in stone or anything, but I definitely have a few goals that I’m working toward. Milestones on my path to achieve my dreams.

So, I’m once again putting myself “out there” and am amping it up. I’m going to share with you some of my personal career goals. Thank goodness, this is so much easier to do in writing then it is to actually say out loud. I’m trying really hard not to be meek or shy about what I want. I mean, I’m on a roll, so why not and just keep on going.


My top goals for this year – Starting Now:

☸ To conceptualize and have full comprehensive product line in development!! – A big one I know, but it can be done. And I know exactly who I want to do it with!!

☸ To design a line of Hoodies with Roxy! – I absolutely love their hoodies. They are the only ones that actually fit me (I may be small, but I have long arms. These are the only hoodies that have long enough sleeves). They are a total staple in my wardrobe. I even wear them to bed at night.

☸ To land a fabric and scrapbooking licensing deal – Which means I need to make a few more pattern collections. Totally do-able.

☸ To have a functioning up and running Etsy Shop selling objects and items that I love! – This one has been on my list forEVER, and somehow always seems to fall to the bottom of my list.

☸ To exhibit at a craft fair – This kind of goes hand in hand with an Etsy Shop.

☸ To have a gallery show. – Because I’ve always wanted to.

☸ To create and teach a workshop. – I actually think I would be pretty good at it.

☸ To work with Chronicle Books on a project. -I’ve worked for them, now I want to work with them.

☸ To create and post a video clip – I just have to figure out what I want to talk about and what you want to see.

☸ To have multiple streams of income coming in from a multitude of sources. – Some of which are totally under my control.

☸ To travel one place outside of the country to gather inspiration.


Those were some pretty BIG goals, but it just gets BIGGER cause and now I’m going to (hold my breath) step boldly and share with you my TOP Dream Companies that I would like to work and build strong long lasting relationships with:

☸ Demdaco

☸ Roxy/Quiksilver

☸ Chronicle Books

☸ ek Success

☸ Robert Kaufman

☸ Clarkson Potter

☸ Oopsy Daisy

☸ Creativeco-op

☸ Enesco

☸ Darrah & Company (I just discovered them at Atlanta and absolutely love their Natural Life line!!)

Ok so there it is!!! It’s now ALL out there!! I said it!!

Well more like wrote it, but all the same it’s “out there” Wheww…that was super scary!! Sometimes saying “it” is the scariest part. Like when you take a leap of faith to say “I love you” to someone for the first time, and you’re not sure if they’ll say it back, or even if they feel the same way. It’s kind of like that.

Opening yourself up to receive opportunities also means opening yourself up to be vulnerable. Sometimes you just have to take the chase and I’m totally glad that I just did it!!

So, starting NOW I am putting my full energy towards making these goals happen. I know that there is a long road ahead of me but I’m looking forward to wearing down the soles of my shoes on my path to accomplishing them. I’ve never been one to shy away from hard work and I know that there is going to be a lot of that. So I’m vowing to push past my fears, face the unknown and be fearless. Starting Right Now!!

  1. Willo

    Good for you, girl!! I LOVE seeing you so clearly declaring what you want. I have no doubt in my mind that you'll manifest all of the above and more! Keep being brave and following your dreams, and it will be so! xoxo

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