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Heather has always had a passion for painting and drawing. After graduating from The University of Texas with a degree in Textiles and Apparel she decided to pick up her paintbrushes and begin painting again! And in the true spirit of a creative soul she started building her own life as a independent residential and commercial mural artist. In addition to creating murals, Heather also teaches faux finish classes to adults and summer art camp to local school age children. Her work has been featured in Delaware Today and Better Homes and Gardens Home Plans Edition. Heather resides in Bucks County Pennsylvania, with her husband, who just happens to be her college sweetheart, and their two girls.

Here is Heather’s Sketchbook Story ::

HD: I spent about 2 years working for a company called Muralisticks, which creates removable murals for children’s rooms. I have done 6 collections for them: Cape Cod Beach Buddies, AlphaFUN, Country Nursery Rhymes, Pond Frogs, Dancing Frogs, and Dress Up. You can check it out here:

HD: This is the process for creating the collection “Cape Cod Beach Buddies” for Muralistick.

HD: I gather lots and lots of imagery and I like to pin them up everywhere. I take pics whenever possible, and my client sent me photos of her daughters and dog. We also mapped out the walls and what images we wanted for which space. We planned this for her own nursery but also to offer to clients as well through Muralistick. We wanted the room to feel like Cape Cod.

HD: I usually do some rough sketches and send those to the client, then I take their suggestions/ideas and make final sketches.

HD: Once those are okayed then I use my opaque projector to size the image correctly. If the painting will be printed a particular size the client will often need me to paint the image in a certain specific measurement.  Using the projector allows me to get it exactly the correct size. My set up is in the basement where I can get it nice and dark!

HD: The first photo is what the room looked like when it was base coated two different colors of blue-sky and sea. This is a totally removable mural! Isn’t that cool!?

HD: The whales are my FAVORITE! I also really love the way Jerimiah the brown beach poodle came out.

HD: Also I am currently creating my third licensing collection for Dish and Spoon Productions which makes art and accessories for upscale nurseries. 

HD: My work with Dish and Spoon will debut at the ABC Kid’s Expo in September (hasn’t been released yet)

HD: Country Nursery Rhymes collection–the baby basket inspiration and the process of painting it hanging from the tree, and also the fox. I like his expression so I included him.

HD: In addition to the licensing work I am doing now I also spent a couple of years creating migraine inspired art which was widely published (two pieces in medical journals) and was on the cover of a beautiful book entitled Migraine Expression, by Betsey Blondin. One piece was also shown at a gallery.

I keep up with my blog about once a week and try to show current and past projects. I also have been anecdotally telling some stories about how I first started my mural biz in Austin in 1994 (I included a pic taken around that time too) 

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