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This week Paige is sharing with us another page in her Sketchbook Story. You’ll get to see an inside view into her process. And I do have to say it’s pretty amusing the way she faces her hurdles. I think most of us can relate to the procrastination that sometime comes with the fear of starting a new project. If you’d like to read Paige’s first debut stop by here.

Here another page from Paige’s Sketchbook Story ::

PP: When Cindy Ann and I discussed my posting here several months ago, I was excited and happy about the prospect working on some of my own ideas. I thought this deadline would be a great incentive for me to get a whole collection of designs drawn. HAHAHAA!!!  I also had delusions that I might even develop something spectacular…something that would eventually take off like wildfire and pay my bills for the next forty years. Okay, so that did NOT happen.

Actually, and the good news is, paying work came in and that’s even better because the bills I have NOW will get paid. Eventually. (Hey man, where is one that check anyway?!) Unfortunately, for the purpose of this post, my most recent work has either been work-for-hire or has not yet published.  And even if I was able to share, the majority of this work would still be too similar to my previous posting in January . This means, that absolutely, something else had to be done…and quick too…because, when I got Cindy Ann’s email reminder on Wednesday, not a thing had been started!! Oh no!

So, here it is THE PROCESS…from concept to final…with lots and lots of panic and (ridiculous amounts of) procrastination thrown in for good measure.

It just so happens a dear friend of mine is putting together a silent art auction for Japan.  This presented a great opportunity for me to both get the art made and get the word out to other artists who might be able to donate as well!! OK!  So at least I knew what the project was for….now, I just needed to figure everything else out.

So, I hemmed and hawed. I walked the dogs. I made a smoothie. I thought about the earthquake and following aftermath and knew I didn’t want to focus on the destruction. Besides being an optimist and always trying to find the bright side, I think a happy image is more likely to sell. Initially, I thought about Godzilla and Hello Kitty sitting in a jacuzzi but, I sort of did this before, just with a different creature, Nessie.

I mention that I’m having a hard time knowing where to start with this painting to a friend and she just gave me a gem….”cherry blossoms” she said.  That’s all I really needed. Now I had something to work around, I had my muse!! *Special shout out to Cari for the save!!


PP: Cherry blossoms are so pretty and delicate and hopeful. And it turns out, they symbolize (according to “the arrival of Spring. End of winter. End of difficulty period. Start of prosperity. Joy. Beautiful Nature. Freshness. New generation. Life cycle.” I rather like that. It’s hopeful.

Even though my online reference was awesome, I still didn’t know my angle. I perused my bookshelves for anything Japanese.  I’ve always loved Japanese culture and have lots of little trinkets…lots of gifts from friends who have gone and brought me back a cute little toy or something.  I’m definitely inspired by these on some level.

PP: Still, my own stash wasn’t quite enough to get me going.   It was time for some Research and Development! Honestly,  I probably should have stayed home and hunkered down to draw something…or..anything for that matter but I was in full-blown procrasti-mode. Living so close, there was no way I wasn’t going to pop on over to Little Tokyo for some inspiration (and more trinkets). I bought myself a back massager type thing, sushi boxes, pens, notepads, cards, a mug, change purse, a toy, mochi and ponzu sauce. All in the name of research!!  That includes the sweet potato danish at the Japanese bakery. Interesting and kind of delicious.

PP: I could spend forever looking at Japanese packaging, I just loooooooove it.  They’re not afraid to have a little fun with their designs. I still didn’t have my “idea” fleshed out but I had such a great day exploring.  I knew I’d get my answer. The next day was Saturday and time was a tickin’!!!  I needed to get this all done and out on Sunday. So naturally, I head off to Macy’s one day sale!! Honestly, this is extreme procrastination happening, I’m not normally so awful. I wondered why I was doing all this and the answer I came up with was fear.  I was working thru my fear of actual paint (all my work is digital these days and they haven’t invented an undo button for my paint brushes or color changes, easy tweaks, etc.) Plus, I could NOT afford to NOT use the extra coupons my mother gave me for the sale!! Come on! You’da done the same thing!!! (*BTW, I got a really cute dress!)PP: Sigh. Finally, I come home.  I scratch my head. I go back out to the art store for supplies since I can’t find everything from my recent move.  Then I totally fall off the vegan train and get a slice of NY style cheese pizza.  Get home…sit at computer. Sigh again. Audibly.  Shockingly, a sketch or two I do come together.  I am pleased, choose one and go!!! 

PP: From there…I just sat at my desk for an extended amount of time until I couldn’t feel my legs anymore…

 PP: I did add a little bunny at the very end and I think it perks things up a bit more.  Now, I can’t promise not to fuss over this painting over the next few days…but here’s the final art.

Art Party for Japan – Call for Donations!!/event.php?eid=123466927736358

  1. I can relate all too well to being a great procrastinator. Thanks for sharing about your creative process. Your finished piece is adorable! And that sweet potato danish sounds delicious. :)

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