creative mornings :: scheduling & savage drawings

This is week 2 of implementing my new routine. I spent the first part of the morning at the cafe roughing out what I want my ideal weekly schedule to look like. It still need a bit more tweaking, but at least it’s a start. And then I got down to business and starting drawing. It’s a little sneek peak of what’s brewing for my next art collection :-)

It was actually a really productive morning. I didn’t do much dawdling and just got to it. What was funny/interesting, is that there was another person in the cafe that was also sketching. And I noticed that, the minute she picked up her iphone to check her messages, she was done for! Shortly after she packed up her things and left. (Gosh, I felt her pain. That was me last week.)

Note to Self: Leave the iphone out of sight and don’t check it until drawing time is over.

  1. Nice sketches! I need to get into to the habit of doing the same thing and not touching the computer until the drawing is done. Otherwise I get stuck in the computer zone.

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