creative mornings and rituals


 I’ve been daydreaming about this idyllic schedule since before I left the day job. And it’s suppose to go something like this:

6:45 the alarm goes off and by 7:30 I’m up and moving…getting my daughter dressed and out of the house by 8 and arriving at daycare/camp/school by 8:30 (And with a strong-willed 5yr old this is an accomplishment in itself). At 9am my creative morning begins at the cafe of my choice. I spend 2 hours with a pot of tea by my side drawing, where the ideas start flowing the moment I put pencil to paper.

Well, up until this point it has only been an imaginary idea in my head. I’m still up to my elbows in Surtex follow-up, but decided that this week I would at least try to introduce some of these creative rituals and habits into my daily morning routine. I was able to attempt this schedule twice this week, and let me tell you it took me some serious time to actually settle in and start drawing. I was feeling anxious and rusty. I spent the first chunk of time procrastinating checking my email, twitter and facebook messages on my iphone. And then once I actually started drawing I intermittently checked the clock, even thought I had the alarm set. Sheesh!

I’m hoping that as soon as this starts to become second nature the anxiety will dissipate and I will quickly lose myself in my drawing. So, how many times do you have to repeat something before it becomes automatic & second nature? I heard everything from 21-66 days. My fingers are crossed that I’ll be able to get into a grove in a month or so making it easier to enter into “the zone” each and every morning.

If you want to learn more about creative habits and rituals pick up a copy of Twyla Tharp The Creative Habit I’m almost finished reading it and it’s been very insightful.

  1. Hi Cindy Ann! I feel your apin. I think my routine happened organically but am not sure it is the best, I do almost ALL my creative sketching over the weekends when no one is emailing! I take my paper and pencil into a different room (in the summer, it is outside) and relax. Wish i could do it everyday but I guess that is the "business of doing art!"

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