a lovely weekend retreat

I promised you that I would share the highlights of my weekend retreat with my LIDL ladies. It came at the perfect time and was soooo needed and totally AWESOME!! Jen found us an amazing house with a great deck, a HOT TUB and a creek out back. She’s totally our den mother, keeping us organized, and making sure everyone is well taken care of :-) Thanks Jen!!

Upon arrival we opened a bottle of wine, rolled out some craft paper and broke out the markers, ’cause chatting and drawing just goes hand and hand with these gals.

It was so nice to have an extended period of time to spend with everyone without an agenda…well other than relaxing, laughing & connecting, but that just happens naturally.

We all came armed with a vast selection of art & craft supplies and an array of books and magazines to share and inspire. We “set up camp” and didn’t leave the grounds all weekend (minus having to replenish our beverage selection:-) And oh my goodness, the whether was practical perfect. It was just warm enough during the day that you could soak up the rays and not feel sticky or sweaty and in the evenings a light breeze would coax you into a cozy sweater. 

The one organized group activity we did was a journaling exercise that was designed to push us to further explore and dive deeper into our dreams. It was great to share and listen to everyone’s aspirational and sometimes fragile dreams with such an open and caring group. It really truly got me thinking and I definitely have some more excavating and exploring to do. But it was totally a great starting point. 

It really was a very lovely weekend that ended way too quickly. We most definitely need a DO-OVER!!

Some of the photos in this post were taken by Jen, Willo and other LIDL members. If you want to see the rest of our pictures you can check out Stef’s and Willo’s flickr streams.

  1. I don't know how I missed this but what a great post!! miss you – xoxo

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