a little collaboration painting

On this rainy weekend, I broke out the paint and paper for some mother daughter fun.

Ava Blu and I did a little painting collaboration this weekend. We sat side by side painting and making marks, going over and on top of areas that we didn’t like or wanted to embellish. We must of spent a good 2 hours doing this!! I was actually quite shocked since Ava Blu’s attention span is normally more like 15-30 minutes.

Ava Blu was having such a good time, mimicking, learning, sharing and being really really polite. She would say things like “Ooooh Mommy that is so beautiful!”, “I love your color choice.” and “Oh Thank you!” —so stinkin’ cute I tell you AND there were no meltdowns!!

It was a really enjoyable experience and actually came out quite cute. Next time we’ll have to do it on an actual canvas :-)

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