Surtex 2011! There and Back

It’s been a bit of a whirl wind since I’ve returned home from NYC with crazy follow up, family drama, and more follow up on top of follow up. So, now that I have a moment to take a second to breath and reflect, I’m ready share some photos!!

This was a pretty amazing year for me. I thought last year was a good year, but this year has definitely topped it!!! Coming in as, a second year veteran, I felt I had a better handle on things, from set-up to shipping and breakdown. All of which were a bit of a wild card the first year. I decided not to ship anything (minus one tube with my table cover) and only took what I could fly with on a plane. Which included 2 enormous suitcase that I checked, a roller board carry on that held my binders and a tube for my banners,  that came with me in the cabin. All and all not a bad plan, except I was staying on the 5th floor of a walk-up. On the last day after everything was broken down and re-packed it need to be hauled up to the apartment for one night before I flew back home. I was so grateful to have Jess’s helping me carry those super heavy bags (81 & 52 pounds) up all of those steps. And it actually turned into quite a funny bonding moment. We were sweating and cracking up laughing like crazy the whole way, and trying to do it quickly as we had dinner plans we were rushing to get to.

I am really lucky that this year I got to room with some really amazingly talented ladies. It made the experience that much more awesome!!

Like I said, I got to hang with some really awesome ladies!! AND I met my online friends from the Blogging Your Way class that I took back in October. Now I can call Steph and Monica my “real-life” friends :-)

1) Mary Beth Frett and team from Pink Light Design, Jane Dixon, Khristian A. Howell, Jessica Swift 2) Michelle Ward and hubby, Genevieve Gail, Khristian A. Howell , Niki Malek, Jess & her cute soon to be doctor hubby Ryan 3) Jessica Swift, Caroline Simas, Melanie Hall, Anne Brown from Demdaco, Megan Halsey, Sharyn Sowell

My social calendar hasn’t been that full since I was in college:-) I had dinner plans every night, and every night the table was dripping with talent!!

What a great year, and the Sweet Spot totally rocked!! Thanks to all that stopped by to say Hello and had a sweet treat!!

It was so awesome to partner with Megan on this. I’m so glad that I “moved in” across from her last year. We really have an awesome little neighborhood!! And we had a great response to The Sweet Spot that we are already starting to plan for next year. And for those of you that are wondering if you won any of the sweet prizes, they will be mailed out to you very very soon :-)

Thank you to all that helped make this happen, stopped by to say HI, had a sweet treat, looked thru my art portfolios, sat and chatted and spent evenings & dinners with me. I’m looking forwad to doing it all over again next year!! :-)

…and if you want to read a few more recaps on this years show you should stop by here and here , for a first timer perspective check out here, and definitely over here and here and for the point of an artist walking the show stop by here.

  1. omigosh…this is such a cute post! I love how you lay everything out! It was terrific meeting you!

  2. Sweet Cindy Ann! I was thrilled to finally meet you in person and spend some QT with you! Loved every minute of it and wish we could do it all over again next week! Tons of work but such fun.
    Thank you for the pictures and kind post and link to my blog. So proud of your great show and your beautiful art too! Happy almost summer talented friend!

  3. Great post, Sista! It was really nice to meet you and glad you had a great show! Hope to see you next year :)

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