Seeking my next creative intern

I’ve been very lucky to have had Alex work with me for the past 6 months!! She has been a rockstar!! Alex is heading back to Boston at the end of June to finish out her senior year at Northeastern University. This is one uber prepared lady and a good designer to boot!! Alex has created the identity for The Sweet Spot, laid out each weeks Sketchbook Story at lightening speed, and is a great hiking and wine tasting partner. My fingers are crossed that she’ll make her way back to the Bay Area after she graduates, cause she is definitely someone that I want to keep in my circle of friends.

AM: Working with Cindy Ann was phenomenal. I got a chance to produce for and learn about the licensing industry, as well as blogging. This internship offers the chance to create not only digitally but also with your hands. Its a variety of projects and collaboration that is well worth the time spent in the studio. Additionally, I got to hang out with a cool lady & a look into her life as a self sustaining designer. Thanks for everything Cindy Ann!

Here’s where you can find Alex ::!/lexandra_m

So as I say good-bye to Alex I am looking forward to taking on my next creative apprentice.

I’m looking for someone to prepare art submissions, process images, do some blogging and creating layouts as well as assist with administrative and arty production things. If you are friendly organized and not afraid to take initiative, offer up an ideas or two, have mad photoshop & illustrator skills, and know your way around social media network let’s chat.

Some of the things you will do will be:

Digital - Posting images to website, Uploading images to my blog and website. Scanning and cleaning images for art. Creating mechanicals and reformatting artwork. Updating online portfolios & doing layouts for promotional materials.

Online - Laying out, formatting and posting images to website and blog. Scanning and cleaning images for art. Creating mechanicals and reformatting artwork. Updating online portfolios & doing layouts for promotional materials.

Administrative Prep- Printing, creating and organizing show binders and display materials. Responding to emails and art requests. Filling out forms. Organization, and packing assistance. Putting together sample pack, compiling list of press contacts, follow-up, updating and maintaining mailing lists (include researching), sending e-mails and making phone calls.

This is a volunteer position, so I really want to find someone that will benefit from the experience. I would love to feed you, help you get school credit, and teach you all that I can about illustration and the art licensing industry. Scheduling can be flexible and you can work from home for some of your hours. My home studio located in the Oakland Hills and I am looking for at least a 6 month commitment.

If this sort of thing might interest you email me at  and tell me a little about yourself and include links to your resume, blog, website, shop, twitter, or anything else you’d like to share.  And answer the following questions: Name your top 3 favorite artist or illustrators. Why are you interested in this position and what you hope to gain from the experience. I’ll email you from there :-)

And of course, if you know anyone in the SF Bay Area that you think might be interested please feel free to pass this along.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!!

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