on my desktop :: in a surtex follow up daze

I’m still in a daze and am trying to organize and prioritize what to do first process sample jpegs, email clients, laundry, unpack, spend time with my daughter, write a blog post or two.

Oh, and I decided to moved my mail client over to a different server/application so I can track better. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, but this probably wasn’t the best timing. I’ll just chalk that up to a learning experience.

So as you can see I got a lot going on!

I’ve been chatting with some folks that are following up at lighting speed. I’m just hoping to have all of my follow-up done by the end of next week. Now if only those jpgs would just process a little bit faster I could actually get started.

  1. Tara Reed

    Cindy – So great to see you! I'm in such a daze that I have yet to put words coherently together on a blog post… :) May your leads quickly turn to gold!

    Tara Reed :)

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