how quickly things change :: go go go

I was strangely calm yesterday, then I had a printing snafu and now I’m frantic this morning and am asking myself, how did I think I had it all together yesterday? I mean, really, why do I always take myself on these roller coaster rides of emotions? It’s like I have two speeds on or off. No in-between. It’s something I’m going to have to work on in the future. But for right now it’s definitely on. GO GO GO. I’m almost there.

Packing up and getting all of my samples together for the Sweet Spot Giveaway. I even made a banner!! Just you wait it’s gonna be sweet!! (he he he)

I’ll be giving away a few of my skins from Skin-it!! The quality of the skins are amazing!! Such a pretty way to personalize your digital devices.

a couple of glass mounted wall art with some magic words.

 …and some lucky person is going to walk away with one of these flip cameras.  Might even become a collectors item since Cisco made the fatal announcement.

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