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Laurel and I met for the first time at the East Bay Art Licensing Holiday Party. Laurel is a part-time teacher, and full-time, all-the-time artist. Her work is bright and cheery and feels spontaneous and improvisational. Laurel’s work blurs the lines between being childlike and wise beyond its years. Her offbeat and kooky style comes across in everything that she does. Laurel has been known to have uncontrollable impulses to watch Degrassi High, is obsessed with Sanrio, and would love to cover the world in pink polka dots. Doesn’t that just make you smile thinking about it!?

Here is Laurel’s Sketchbook Story ::

LN: My background is in jewelry and metalsmithing, that is what I teach in a fantastic high school in San Francisco. My own art has been cartoony, combined media, and crafty. After learning from a friend about the concept of art licensing, I realized that my love of pattern and color would make art licensing a perfect direction for me to go in with my art. So, 6 months ago I began to teach myself Illustrator and Photoshop and now I am producing tons of designs digitally.

LN: I have recently created a business called Lolo’s Laboratory.

LN: I love working on the computer, and the freedom and immediacy it gives me.  All of my ideas however do come from initial sketches.  I always keep sketchbooks and I fill them up in a very disorderly manner. 


LN: For some of my computer designs, I scan in a line drawing and live trace it in Illustrator.  I am still learning lots about these programs, and trying to figure out the best way for me to use them.

LN: The drawings of the of my bug eyed babes became an art piece called Freaks and Geeks.

LN: From there, I began making other objects with the faces, and began developing a line I now call My Imaginary Friends.  

LN: I would like to see them become plush toys, jewelry, totes, the works…!

Here’s where you can find Laurel ::
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