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Kieren’s path to her dreams has also been long and meandering, much like mine. But, I think  sometimes taking the scenic route is the only way we can pick-up those much needed skills to be successful. Kieren has just put her first children’s book is out in the world by Tuttle Publishing and today she is going to share with us a little part of her journey.


Here is Kieren’s Sketchbook Story ::

KD: I saw this book in a bookstore and asked for it for my 14th birthday, The Tyger Voyage by Richard Adams, illustrated by Nicola Bayley. I LOVED her illustrations so much I cried when I got the book and knew I wanted to do something like that when I grew up. I’ve taken a lot of detours along the way, but have come back to what I most was inspired by so long ago. I went to UC Davis, then CCAC for graphic design, where I met my husband (and our daughter is there now, studying animation!). I worked in design studios, got a teaching credential, and have been teaching art to kids part time ever since, as well as raising my own two creative children. I love working with kids, and am totally inspired by the looseness and playfulness in their art. I get story ideas from them all the time, especially when they are chatting away while they work!

KD: In the past few years I have really been focusing on my art and writing. Last year was a big year for me, I had artwork in three exhibits, sold a story to Highlights magazine and my first picture book, Chinese and English Nursery Rhymes:Stories and Songs to Share, came out last spring.


KD: Now I am sending out two other picture books I’ve written and illustrated, sketches are shown here for a silly spoof on Goldilocks, with a family out camping in the woods, and the bear as Goldilocks invading their campsite, sitting in their camp chairs, trying on their bathing suits, sleeping in their sleeping bags.


KD: I’m also sending out a rhyming book about what’s in season at the farmer’s market and a story about a biracial girl who has to make a heritage doll for a school project. I also love pattern, folk art, and love to make quilts, here are photos of two I’ve made recently. My goal for this year is to find an agent. I would LOVE to design fabric, I love to sew!



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