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I met Kim at one of the first Eastbay Art Licensing Group meetings. But we really got to know each other and bond a couple years back, while we were both working on a project for Americhip.  Kim’s professional career has led her to do everything from custom logos to designing marketing materials for real estate companies, but her real strengths lie in her sweet and sentimental illustrations. Kim has a girly girl style that is super cute and ultra feminine. She has worked for companies such as American Girl, Swatch, and Klutz and is also co-owner of A gift company that offers personalized children’s products from stationery to lunch boxes and placemats. If you have a kiddo you should totally check it out.

Here is Kimberly’s Sketchbook Story ::

KS: I don’t really do a lot of pencil sketches and the ones I’ve done in the  past I just toss afterwards. Most of the time I just start drawing on the computer in Illustrator with the pencil or pen tool. 

KS: I did have some scanned sketches though for the “All Things Green” promo postcard. Inspiration was all things eco friendly and I still would like to illustrate a series of different color postcards.

KS: My process is googling what ever object I want to draw so I have reference of how to draw it, then I draw it, scan it and save the file as a transparent bitmap file in Photoshop which I place into Illustrator. I then (gasp ;)) use the mouse to draw shapes of color to fit inside. I bought a Wacom tablet a year ago and never even use it. I really like the hand drawn look and find its just too hard to mimic sometimes even with all the fancy brush options in Illustrator.

KS: Inspiration wise I love to go back to my travel photos for reference although I don’t do it enough! Lots of ideas that never come into fruition. 


KS: Take “Bali Bunny”, just love this little guy and would love to eventually license him. In the meantime I want to draw him doing more things…. flying a kite, holding an umbrella, in different holiday settings etc. This bunny is all digital, none of the bitmap process.

KS: I love looking at online international kids boutiques whether for fashion, stationery or furniture. Fashion magazines are great too.

KS: “Dream” sketch…. tbd ;)

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  1. Great post – very inspirational and as always Kim's artwork is adorable!

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