Delighted to be included :: Confessions of MORE first timers



I was delighted to be asked to be included in Khristian’s Confessions of MORE first timers!!


And I wanted to share with you my My top 5 Learnings  from exhibiting at Surtex for the first time last year:

  1. Matte prints work best with the supplied spot lighting- I had printed photographic satin prints and they were catching some big glares from the spot lights. This year I will definitely be doing matte prints.
  2. Be friendly with your security guard, but not too friendly, as you don’t want him hovering around your booth during show hours.
  3. Shipping freight is mysterious and expensive. I shipped all of my supplies last year and won’t be doing that again. This year I’m going to try to bring as much as I can with me to avoid the expensive shipping costs. But if you find that you absolutely have to ship make sure you have your Bill of Lading. 
  4. For your display focus on the things that will give you the biggest return. <–That’s me wearing my business hat. Usually, I’m wearing my artist hat where aesthetic, style and craft trumps all else. This year I’m planning on being a bit more cost conscious and I’m planning on sticking to my budget. It can be done thrifty and still done well.
  5. Surprisingly I found that I didn’t need as many postcards as i thought I would, but needed more packing tape than I had.

+2 logistical learnings:

  1. Have “busy” work, for those slow time.  Something you can easily drop if  you need to, like putting together sample packets.
  2. Appointment, Appointments, Appointments!!!  Last year my booth was across from an Artist Rep. and they had an appointment scheduled every 1/2 hour. The clients just rotated in and out. Book as many appointments as you can.

If you’re a first time you are soooo going to want to get your hands on all the amazing tips that Khristian shares including over 40 pages of confessions from some super talented contributors on everything from tools for mapping out cost to the power of presentation. All this info. is totally worth way more than 30 bucks it cost to download!! 

Khristian, Thanks so much for including me!! :-)

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