A little reminder to myself

As a little reminder to myself I thought I’d share with you my intentions and goals for my blog. I always find that if I share publicly it make me more accountable :-)

  1. Showcasing My Art and Process ::  Sharing new projects and collections I’m working on as well as documenting my process.
  2. An Honest Account of My Creative Journey :: Talk about my triumphs as well as my challenges. The roadblocks that I face, both self inflected and external.
  3. Connecting :: I want to  connect with other creative on a level that makes them feel like they know me.
  4. Staying Positive & Motivated ::  Keeping a positive attitude and snuffing out the self-doubt and fear. Staying motivated and on track. Being kind to myself as well as others.
  5. Learning, Sharing & Creating a Community :: Being an artist can sometime be a lonely and isolating path. I know I need a support network and community to keep me connected and growing. And  I strongly believe others seek this too. I’d like to get to know new people and be able to share their points of view.

Above all I know I need to be …investing my time and life energy into doing work that’s fulfilling and I need to stop wasting my time on things that suck me dry and in the end really don’t matter.


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