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I recognized and read Holli’s blog way before I had the opportunity to “meet” her on twitter and then in person when I was walking the Surtex floor a couple of years ago. Holli is one prolific and amazing lady. When I emailed her to ask if she wanted to reschedule her Sketchbook Story, because I knew that she had just given birth to her son. She quickly emailed me back to say that she would have her info. to me shortly. All I could say was “Wow MAMA!! You’re Rocking it!” I definitely did not have it that together right after having my daughter. Ok, if I’m being honest I was a basket case and could barley remember when I put the phone (the frig. of course) never mind actually work or run a business. But this an old hat for Holli, she actually started her illustration business six and a half years ago when she was on maternity leave with her daughter.

Holli whimsical art can been found in magazines, greeting cards,advertising, packaging and children’s books. She works in 3 distinct styles that are still very much discernible as “HOLLiCONGER”. I’m so glad that she’s going to share with us a glimpse into each of them. They are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


 Here is Holli’s Sketchbook Story ::


HC: I try to involve my daughter (and can’t wait to introduce the world of art to my son!) in as much art as I can. She absolutely loves to create. Several of our projects are here.


HC: I make lunch box notes for my daughter almost everyday. They range from a simple I love you to a more elaborate crafty piece depending on how much time I have in the morning. This is something special I like to do for her and at the same time it gives me a little creative warm-up in the mornings. 


 HC: A big stress reliever for me is to go antique shopping or to go digging through my grandparent’s old barns. Some sort of art inspiration always comes out of those trips.



HC: I work primarily in 3 different mediums for children’s illustration: Painterly/Digital, clay sculpture and found object (which is my Junk A Doodles® work). With my art licensing work, I do a lot of vector, painterly collage and photography work too.




HC: In addition to illustration, I also do some photography spun from my love of vintage cameras and vintage type blocks.

HC: I’m currently working on some new products that will be out soon so stay tuned. My Typography Photography™ prints can be purchased here:


Here’s where you can find Holli ::

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