Share Out

I thought I do a little “Share Out” today.

Favorite Color:: Pink, Pink and more PINK. (it use to be red, so I guess you could say I’m softening)


Favorite App:: Echofon It’s where I actually prefer to read my twitter feed.


Favorite TV Shows::
Glee, Jerseylicious (Olivia’s analogy are soooo AWESOME) and my guilty pleasure right now is the Bachelor.


Favorite Smell:: Anything lavender, well that and freshly baked brownies.



Favorite Blog:: NieNie Dialogues She has an amazing and inspiring story and house I would love to live in.

Favorite Candy ::
Choward’s Violet Mints Some people say they taste like soap, but I think they are divine.

Favorite Gadget :: my iphone I can’t wait to upgrade. I have a first generation.

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