painting backgrounds

So I was working on a new collection over the weekend and was experimenting with different textures and background. I first started up corel painter to play around. I have some friends that do some really amazing work using painter and I thought I would see if I could figure it out. Well, it’s a little bit harder than I thought. I definitely need to spend the time to watch a tutorial or two. So if you happen to know of any good ones on using painter, please send them my way.

So, after getting frustrated I decided to just go old skool and broke out my painting supplies that I had tucked away. And, can I tell you I had so much fun!! Why didn’t I do this so much sooner?!?! I think I sometimes get stuck in the ease of the digital world and forget how much fun it is to actually get my hands dirty.

  1. I was looking for a house painting company called penny painting and came across this site.. Based on the pics looks like a whole lot of fun :) keep up the work!

  2. Hi,
    I like your ideas and tips to share information on the background painting is truly great ideas and hope that your work is good. Thanks

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