The countdown is on!! Less than a month until my creative life launches with full force. I’m doing it!! I’m really doing it!! It’s a testament to how important it is to put your dreams and goals out to the universe and to also have some accountability from family and friends.

I’m excited and nervous, but more excited than nervous. I don’t know exactly what the future holds and that part is a little scary, but really, do we every truly know what the future holds until it’s happening? The Artist Way, has been coming up in conversations I’ve been having with friends and I thought I’d break out my copy. I haven’t pick up this book in over 8 years and to be truthful I’m not sure if I actually ever got thru the whole 12 week course. So, I thought I’d maybe try to take a stab at it again. As I was reading the intro to the Basic Principle there was one quote that leaped (he he he) out at me.

Julia says she has this taped to writing desk, and I think I just might do the same. Gosh, what a perfect time for these words to come into my life!!


  1. I am so excited for you! It is all going to work out!

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