Top 5 Passions

Back in October one of the Blogging Your Way assignments was to list your top 5 passions and as I was looking thru this today I felt  compelled to share them with you since I feel like they supported and embraced my word of the year:: Grow.  

  1. Creating :: Art :: Illustration :: Design :: I’ve always known I wanted to be an artist. This is just what I do and who I am.
  2. Living A  Complete & Fulfilling Creative Life :: Living life and collecting experiences that help influence my work. I’m not striving for work/life balance. What I am striving for is a complete and fulfilling creative life. Doing something that I love, and letting my happiness and joy show thru.
  3. Being Authentic &  Embracing the Present::  Being honest with myself and others. Not trying to be something that I’m not. Embracing who I am and for that matter where I am on my journey. I don’t have to keep up with anyone. I’m still learning how to do this. I have always been too busy looking forward that I never took the time to actually be in the moment. It’s been only recently that I’ve started to be more aware and I am making a conscious effort to live a life that embrace the here and now with an honest authenticity.
  4. Motherhood :: I’m a Mama, and I think it is probably the most important job I will ever have. It is also probably one of the hardest. I struggle with balancing the need of my daughter with my own personal need, never mind just trying to get the daily household chores done.
  5. Self Improvement & Personal Growth:: I’m always working on this, learning from my experiences and inviting in new ones that will give my life more depth and meaning. I aways want to do and be better.
  1. I can certainly relate to number 4. As an artist and stay at home dad who's had a great many jobs over the last 30 years, I can say without a doubt being a father and raising my son is the hardest and most fulfilling job ever. Harry's only just turned 2 and is still taking naps and I'm amazed how much I can get done in the hour or two he's asleep.

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