Some confidence with a bit of guts and sass mixed in with your morning breakfast

Aren’t these really powerful words? I ripped this page out of a magazine and now have it tucked between the pages of my sketchbook. I found it kind of inspiring but also a bit disturbing that it’s actually an ad for Kellogg’s Special K. I guess they must known their audience, since it hit a cord with me, though I can’t necessarily say that I’m a Special K kind of gal.

None the less, these words really resonated with me. I want to be confident in my actions and decisions, to warrant a little sass and pep in my step. Be gutsy enough to have the nerve to take risks in the things I believe in. And have the drive and momentum to keep going when things get tough and I start to doubt myself. I aspire to have a personality that sparkle and shine thru my work, and to have the moxie to to do things differently in the way that only I can. I’m looking to find inner peace so I may fully experience true joy. And I want to be excited about living my life and being me.

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