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Penelope is a illustrator, artist, designer, yogini, health nut, and mama. But I like best that she also calls herself as a “dust-self-off-and-get-back-upper”. It’s a skill that I’ve been trying to perfect for years and is definitely one you need if you are running your own freelance studio or small business. Penelope started off her career as an art director for an ad agency, which is where she first learned about illustration and became obsessed with it. Now she has clients that include the likes of  Starbucks, Target and the New York Times Op-Ed page. This girl’s work is amazing. And if that wern’t enough she also runs a collaborative illustration site called Illustration Friday with her partner Brianna Privett.


Here is Penny’s Sketchbook Story:


PD: This was an editorial piece commissioned by Dance Magazine. The story was about a dancer who went to a big Thanksgiving dinner, but ate very little because she didn’t want to gain weight or compromise her dancing at all. I sent the art director two ideas and this was the sketch they chose.



PD: We did slight revisions: adding the Thanksgiving dinner to the table and I changed her dress so the visual break would be less strange.



PD: Most of the people in my work these days are redheads because my daughter has beautiful red hair. I have also been inspired by naive, looser artwork lately. I’ve been trying to free up my style and be more playful with my work, and pieces like the ones shown help lead the way. I love the big blocks of bold color and rough, almost cut-out looking shapes. All the mistakes and scribbles make it more interesting.


PD: And here is the final piece.



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  1. I am such a fan of Penelope's work. She is a huge inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing!!!!

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