My 2011 word of the year :: GROW


I pretty much spent my winter break up in the Tahoe Mountains playing in the snow, sitting by the fire, sipping tea, working on my laptop, and reflecting on the past year & thinking about the possibilities for the future.


Last year was the first year that I decided not to have a New Year’s Resolution but instead picked a word to embrace. The word I choose was Consistency and I came to it pretty easily. I knew that to go where I wanted to go I needed to be more steadfast and consistent. Consistent with creating as well as with my communication and follow-up and follow-thru. And thought I may have had a slip-up or two I still was able to pick myself up and get back on track and having that word in the back of my mind really helped me with that.

This year I was really grappling with which word I should choose. It just wasn’t coming as easily as last year. I should tell you that, I’m in the middle of reading The Soul of Money” so the words that keep popping up were sufficiency, ample, enough, flow and intention. Now, these are all really good words, but I wasn’t quite sure if they were truly what I wanted to embrace or if I was just feeling the residual effects of reading Lynne Twist’s book. (It’s a really good book, and I kind of want to meet her, especially since she lives in the Bay Area!)


Freedom was suggested by a friend and then seconded by my sister. And although that’s a great word and does encompass some of the things I’m working towards like my countdown to creative freedom (just 11 more weeks to go!!) It felt a bit too…well, up in the air. Too much like it could easily be blown away by the wind.

I was looking for something that could truly embody all of these things that I was thinking and feeling all wrapped up into one. And as I sketched it came to me…grow!!

 Grow is the perfect word for me this year! I want to grow. Grow creativitly, grow my business, grow my knowledge as well as my compassion and understanding of myself and the world around me. Grow my resources and community. And to do all of this I need the inspiration to flow and the freedom to create, experiment, take chances and make changes in my life. Simply put, I need to nurture myself, cut some ties, and give myself the permission and freedom to GROW!

So I’m looking forward to growing this year in all sorts of ways both inside and out :-) Have you choosen a word to embrace this year? Trust me it’s much better than a New Year’s Resolution.

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