listen while you work :: My Top 10

A while back Brooke asked me “What do you listen to while working?” and recently this question came up again. So today I’m going to share with you my 10 favorite things to listen to while I work.


  1. I absolutely love Pandora, it makes playlist and adds variety without me having to think about it.
  2. The Manic Mommies are one of my favorite mommy podcasts. Erin & Kristin are super funny and always have me laugh out loud.
  3. I also love listening to Sister Diane over at Crafty Pod.
  4. And Craft Sanity has some great interviews.
  5. The Illustration Geek in me, has to get my weekly dose of Escape from Illustration Island.
  6. For story time it’s The Moth.
  7. If you dare Risk‘s uncensored stories always gets a chuckle or two out of me.
  8. When I want to feel inspired by other creative’s and get some good freelance tips I head over to Creative Independence.
  9. If I need some help pluging into that creative energy The Accidental Creative is where I go.
  10. And if I know I’m going to start a project and am going to be working on it 6-8hours straight, I like listening to an audio book. I have a monthly subscription to Audible.

What do you like to listen to?

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