Hangin’ at the East Bay Art Licensing Party

Kate Harper, recently post on her blog some highlights from our Holiday East Bay Art Licensing Party. Artist Dianne Woods was once again kind enough to host. And we were lucky to have Card Sales Rep. Ginger McCleskey as our honorary guest speaker. She gave us the inside scoop into what trends are hot for her market and what gift shop owners and buyers are looking for. The most interesting tidbit if information that I picked up was that her card buyers were looking for an emotional reaction weather it be a smile, chuckle, out and out shock or even an ewwww or two. The logic was that if it caused a reaction people will buy it and it didn’t matter much if the reaction was was good or bad, just the fact that there was an emotional reaction.

So I thought I would share with you few photos that Dianne snapped off featuring your’s truly. You can see the rest of the photos here.

 And if you get a few moments you should check out the video interview that Kate did with Ginger.

As well as a shorter two minute interview with Patti Gay Licensing Artist and former Art Director at Portal Publications.

  1. Thanks for sharing, Cindy Ann! Loved seeing the pics of you and the other art licensing ladies. How lucky for you to be in San Fran. Wish I was in a cool place. (insert Eeyore-like sigh)

    I liked hearing the Sales Rep talk about trends and whats up in the industry. Very informative!

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