All Tangled Up

Through out our entire Thanksgiving Holiday my daughter was talking about how much she wanted to see Princess Rapunzel and how it was her ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. It’s amazing she knew about the movie before the commercials even hit the tv. The Disney marketing people are geniuses, I hope to someday have that type of marketing power behind my work. (Heck I’d be even happy with half that :-)

Ava Blu correcting my drawing

When we weren’t outside playing in the snow we were inside sipping hot coco and drawing Princess Rapunzel. Well more like I was drawing and Ava Blu was art directing and correcting my “mistakes”. For instance only boy (the prince) can ride the horse and there needs to be a “lizard” on Princess Rapunzel shoulder. “Mama, you will see when we go to the movies. I will show you.” was the quote of the weekend.

So on Monday I picked up some tickets to the 3D show (I would of been fine with regular 2D version but that was the only showtime that would work), and her and I had a girls night out, popcorn and candy included.

I have to say that I really enjoyed Disney’s adaption of the story. I thought they did a really nice job of presenting a strong smart female role model. And when we got home I jumped on my computer and googled “Tangled” to find out more about the creative development and creation of the movie and came across RANDOM ❤ MUSINGS’  detailed look at the creation of Tangled. I found the concept art the most interesting part.

The movie’s visual style was based on French Rococo artist Jean-Honore Fragonard’s painting “The Swing”. How cool is that?

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