Some Favorite Ornaments from Past Years & More about the Groups

I’m starting to get super excited!! I can’t believe how many people have already signed up and it’s only been a week since I first announced the Exchange! :-)  We are going to have a really awesome exchange this year!!


ornaments made by :: Sarah Davis

 I also thought I’d do a little more explaining about how the groups work since I’ve been getting a few questions. After you sign up you will get a password to enter the group forum. On Monday Nov 28th on the Forum, I will announce the group assignment. Each group will have a fun quirky holiday name. (Last year we had names like, All the Trimmings, and Naughty and Nice) Each group will have a place to chat on the forum and as a group you can decide to do a theme or can agree to be surprised. You are free to make 3 of the same ornaments or make each one individual and different. It’s really up to you :-) I always like to ask folks to say HI and share 1 fun or interesting thing that they did this year to break the ice and get folks chatting, since you will be exchanging ornaments with these folks, so you will get to make 3 and receive 3 handmade ornaments. It’s a ton of fun.


ornaments made by :: Kristen L. Bouvier

 Getting to see what everyone comes up with is one of my favoite parts of the exchange. So for some more inspiration, here are a few more of my Favorite Ornaments from past years.


ornaments made by :: Robert Knowles

The registration fee to participate in this years Exchange is $10 and you’ll have until midnight on Friday, November 25th to sign up or until the group maxes out. Whichever comes first. So don’t dillydally, it filled up really fast last year:-) All the DETAILS you need to know are  HERE.

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 All the details that you need to know are here.

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