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Tara Reed is an amazing lady that not only licensed her own art work but also teaches other artists how to license too.  After knowing Tara for a few years thru the online virtual community, it was really great to finally meet her in person this past May at the Surtex Art Licensing Show. Tara’s positive energy is truly refreshing and completely contagious!! I absolutely love her eternal optimism and truly believe that you need to put positive energy out into the world if you would like to receive it.


Here is Tara’s Sketchbook Story ::

TR: This is from my “Concrete Jungle” collection. 


TR: My inspiration comes from watching women walk the streets of NYC or trade shows or anywhere farther than 10 feet in high heeled shoes!  I don’t know how they do it… my poor feet often hurt in the most comfortable shoes so I now paint cool shoes that I’d barely be able to take 5 steps in. :)


TR: I tried to show how I paint in pieces – each element is painted separately then I merge things together in Photoshop for the end result.  It lets the art stay flexible which is ideal for licensing – you have to be able to adapt art to different sizes, formats, manufacturer needs, etc.


TR: These are the Appetizer Plates that I designed for Thirstystone.


 TR: Here’s my affiliate link to buy said products (in case anyone can’t live without them!) on Amazon:


And here’s where you can find Tara:

  twitter: @ArtistTaraReed

learn about how to license your art:

if you are an artist or would like to recommend an artist or designer to be featured in Sketchbook Stories please feel free to drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you :-)

  1. Love the insight and seeing the process! Thanks Cindy, thanks Tara.

  2. I loved seeing the sketch and the inner workings of Tara's mind! Tara's art is fun and sassy (like she is) and I just love it. This sketchbook story is a great idea!

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