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 Khristian struck out on her own two years ago and cannonballed into the world of self-employed independent designer. She has a keen eye for color & balance, and gets her inspiration from traveling and the cultural influences that she encounters. Khristians motto is to “Live the happiest life you can all the while doing the things you love”. She sincerely believes this and has created a series of ebooks to help more artists believe that they CAN make this happen for themselves too!  Her latest ebook called Showstopper is designed to help exhibitors prepare for tradeshows and breaksdown the juggling act between preparing for the show and creating lots of new and fantastic work. I must say it looks pretty amazing! I wish I would of had something like this when I was preparing for my first Surtex Show last year. Here’s a link so you can check it out for yourself :-)



Here is Khristian’s Sketchbook Story ::


KH: This is Sheri, my mom.  I know it is so cheesy, but she was the inspiration behind me always wanting to be an independent business owner.  When I created my first collection after leaving Nordstrom, I could think of no other name for it than Mon Sheri.  Now it lives in my fabric collection for Robert Kaufman, Mon Sheri.


KH: As far as the art goes…I know it doesn’t make for the best pics, but this collection really just grew from some sketching one day… I did at the time I wanted to created a MODERN floral group with new shapes back in the spring of 08.



KH: I wish it were more exciting. There are times that I start with a board of ideas and gathering color inspiration. I wanted however to share this group because it represents a time in my life of real creative breakthrough for me. When I left Nordstrom, I went through a time of feeling lost creatively.  I had spent so much time creating based on someone else’s wants, needs, and desires. I had to find me voice again.  This is the first collection that came out.  It truly came from within.



KH : It sent it right away to Robert Kaufman, and it was accepted to my big BIG surprise. à bientôt!


And here’s where you can find Khristian ::

   twitter: @surfacedivine

  1. Great story! I didn't know that about your Mom, Khristian. Touching and a lovely collection.

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