Surtex 2011 :: I’m IN for round two

I was really on the fence whether or not I should get a booth for Surtex in May.  I’m planning some BIG Creative Life Changes and just wasn’t sure if it made finical sense, since I’ve started to tighten my bootstraps in preparation for the transition. But after talking it thru, I think it would be a big mistake if I didn’t do it. I don’t want to blow my momentum. I just need to do things a little differently, and quite frankly smarter than I did them last year, focusing on the things that will get me the biggest return. <–That’s me wearing my business hat. Usually, I’m wearing my artist hat where aesthetic, style and craft trumps all else. I need to be a little more cost conscious and stick to my planned budget. It can be done thrifty and still done well. So I just signed my contract yesterday, and I’ll be setting up shop in the same corner booth, with my same booth neighbor Megan Halsey. We had such a good time hanging together last year. :-)

So here’s to year TWO surpassing the first!!!

On a side note I thought I’d share with you the survey results that Surtex has posted on their homepage. 80% of Surtex attendees consider it to be the most important tradeshow for their business. I wonder what the other 20% think. I know that the Licensing Expo in Vegas has been gain some momentum and I actually received a call from them today gently trying to persuade me to consider exhibiting. (But I first need to walk it before I consider showing there.)


I thought I’d also share the the video that they have posted. I think it does a good job and highlight some of the 2010 exhibitors (sadly I wasn’t included, but hey there’s always next year).






  1. Congrats. It's all scary isn't it? We need to talk!!!!!! I think we are on similar paths.

  2. Oh! I had not seen this video! Hey! Where am I? haha! I am going to pass this to some other artists that were wondering about the show! Thanks!

  3. love your new space here and thanks for all the Surtex sharing … some really good info and Thanks for being the top poster over at BYW, I'm not sure how to capture such a wide audience. but still thinking fast as the countdown is ON.

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