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I first met Tanya back in 2007 when she was my art director at dg inventive, Paper Prince & XXOX and we became fast facebook friends. She has since started her own design business, AppleSass Studio. Tanya’s a sassy lass who’s a fanatic NKOTB fan, like I’ve never seen, and a 14-year old girl at heart, which explains why she’s so great at tapping into the tween market. Tanya has a very clean and fresh look that is strongly influenced by a passion for fashion, flea market treasures and renegade crafters. Oh…and she’s crazy about her bulldog Ernie.

Here is Tanya’s Sketchbook Story ::

 TO: My target market when creating trend boards for back to school is generally the “tween” category, which I love!


TO: A lot of times, I skip the sketch phase and just go straight into Illustrator for my design – mostly due to time constraints. This particular project did start with a sketch.



TO: This piece was created last summer/fall 2009 for 2010 back to school which I licensed to multiple clients for use on pencil pouches  and an iPhone/iPod alarm clock that were sold in Target stores the past couple months (during back to school). The artwork was originally created in the color palette shown in v1 (that was licensed on the alarm clock) and was recolored in v2 for the pencil pouch to coordinate with the rest of the pencil pouch assortment. The pencil pouches are no longer available as the back to school shopping season has ended, but the alarm clock will remain in the Target Electronics department.  


And here’s where you can find Tanya:



  1. Love this ! Thanks Cindy Ann for introducing us to Tanya. Love her work and love seeing her trend board and how that translates to finished product.

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