Making the most of a boring situation

I just spent the afternoon working away doing a bunch boring mundane tasks, that really I’d rather not be doing. The upside was that since I was stuck doing these things I could at least listen to something that was informative, funny and in some small way helping me advance my illustration career. Thomas James’s Illustration Island Podcasts have become one of my favorite to listen to. Anyone who is an illustrator or art director should give it a listen.

This afternoon I especially enjoyed listening to Episodes 47 & 48 with Marshall Arisman. I really appreciated Marshall’s sense of humor and the fact that he could speak so intelligently and then just as easily laught at himself and drop a curse word or two.

If only I were in a different place in my life, I would love to have enrolled in the Masters Program at SVA that Marshall chairs. He seems like he would be a hoot to be around and learn from.


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