CHARLOTTE’S WEB :: Garth Williams Cover Art Auctioned Off


Wilbur, Fern and Charlotte have been top of mind recently. Charlotte’s Web is my daughter’s latest obsession. I’ve started reading her a chapter of the book before bed every night. We also have an easy reader version of the book, a VHS copy of the cartoon and the newer movie with Dakota Fanning and Julia Robert’s on order. That’s just the way we roll over here, when we have an obsession we go whole hog.


(Courtesy of Heritage Auctions)

So it was quite serendipitous when I read about Garth Williams’ original cover art for the book was auctioned off and sold for more than $155,000!! I love that Garth’s oldest daughter Fiona was his model for Fern Arable. It’s so interesting to me how the artist’s real life gets intertwined with their work. I think this happens to all of us.


Garth’s art work for ‘Charoltte’s Web’ has been used for the last 58 years. I can only hope that someday my own work will have that type of timeless quality, longevity and staying power.

  1. kathy

    I was obsessed with Charlotte's Web as a young girl as well! It was my favorite book for about a year, maybe more. I repurchased it and reread it last year after seeing the Dakota Fanning movie, which I loved. I hope you all love it too. (Get the hankies ready!) Garth's art made quite an impression on me – it is timeless and has a charm all it's own.. Thanks for posting about this.

  2. Blu Penny by Cindy Ann

    Kathy- I'll be sure to have a box of tissues at hand and actually dedicate some time to sit down and enjoy the movie with Ava Blu. We shall see how she handles the sad emotions while watching it.

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